Sovereign Mind Consult

Welcome to a most rewarding platform for peak performance. Ours is a world of service that is deliberately crafted to facilitate long lasting solutions, to persons or groups who are keen about optimizing the core aspects of their educational or knowledge delivery enterprise.

Our clientele base and services in the past 15 years cuts across school management consulting, training and capacity building for educators strategic learning interventions and development and also a stunning practice of functional curricular management and content generation.

You can be most assured, that if your line of interest is such that borders around our kind of services, then “You have come to the right portal of experience”.

Once again you are welcome; enjoy every inch of your search and interactions with the Sovereign Minds!

The Sovereign Mind's Philosophy

Our Mission

Sovereign Mind Consult is an educational management, training and consulting firm, that is established to facilitate peak performance in learning individuals and institutions through practices that enables optimum levels of delivery per time.

Our Vision

By the year 2030, Sovereign Mind Consult would have expanded in capacity enough to promote and positively influence the outcomes of functional learning development practices in a 100% of client/learners who subscribe to our services and 70% of developing private school educators in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Our Core Values

We’re D.R.O.P.S

D — Dynamic
R — Relevant
O — Objective
P — Peak performing
S — Surely supportive
        — We stand by you until we are sure you can ‘sore alone’

A quick peek

Management Solutions

Gain that traction in your organizational structure and operations that gives investors high confidence that limited resources will be effectively utilized to bring about maximum returns on their investments, while actualizing top satisfaction and progress levels for paying customers and striving personnel!


Performance Optimization

Whether at Management or operational levels, a solo or a team performer we get each person who is subscribed on any of the Sovereign skill up programs to attain and maintain optimum levels of proficiency that propels each one to self-actualization and peak performance in their targeted endeavor.


Learning and development functions

We bring your stream of talents, trainees or learners from minor to major frontlines of progressive capacities through a rich blend of our training experiences. Once groomed, succession plans and excellence of brand representation will simply be a walk over.

Why Choose Us

We impact trainers and educators around the world.

Wherever you are at and for whatever you do, if in any way you feel committed to knowledge sharing or delivery, then you've got Sovereign Mind! We will live no stone unturned in getting committed to you, so you can actualize true and maximum productivity that is profit bound and long lasting!

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